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Exercise Your State Of Mind

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A campaign about the mindful modern man. 

– Challenge –

Eysom is an LA based men’s premium athleisure brand, with a focus on combining quality clothing with a mindful approach to wellness.

Stan Cheung, the founder of Eysom, prides himself on the brands journey to existence and how his personal beliefs have shaped his vision for the company. He wanted a brand launch campaign that would fully represent that vision.

– Insights –

Combining clothing with a strong message and key vision can be an amazing thing, but it has to be managed delicately to ensure that it doesn’t ostracise a potential customer base.  

We wanted to create a brand campaign that focused on all of Eysom’s key values in a way that was non-intrusive and welcoming to all potential customer bases.

– Solution –

We developed a film based campaign focusing on a key brand film and with supporting interviews and a strong and clear brand story. We worked with Eysom to partner with mindful individuals from all walks of life, each with their own idea of what mindfulness meant to them.

The result was a campaign that stayed true to the Eysom belief system and invited all comers to the Eysom brand, focusing on rich stories from different aspects of life. What’s more the quality of the Eysom product was on full display, showcasing the truly premium experience that the brand offers.
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