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Fresh Moments

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A campaign about taking care of yourself, as much as your skin.

– Challenge –

Fresh is a skincare brand that believes not only in the caring for your body, but also caring for your mind.

With new brand Ambassador Fiona Sit, Fresh wanted to tell the story of how Fiona looked after both her skin and her wellbeing.

– Insights –

Fiona Sit has a hectic life to say the least. Filled with routine practices day and night, performing in front of huge crowds across Asia, interviews and press junkets, adverts and endorsements. It’s hard to find the balance that she needs to take care of herself.

We wanted to showcase where exactly Fiona found her balance and how Fresh contributed to that.

– Solution –

We worked with Fresh and Fiona to develop a strong understanding of the routines she has outside of her work, how she takes care of herself and gives her body the energy that it needs for her gruelling schedule.

The end result was a campaign that touched on the little things that help Fiona when the cameras aren’t rolling, and how Fresh helped her manage her skin and have a little less on her plate.
Brand Films

Campaign Photography

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The Results


Total unique film campaign views.

Increase over sales target result.

Increase in brand awareness
across Greater China.